About Me

I write code.

Code, to me, is the perfect combination of logic, math, and problem solving. It's kept my interest my entire life and I still get excited about it every day.

From writing software to help me visualize, gain insight, and solve math and logic puzzles that have no real-world practicality, to developing a product or business idea from conception to production, coding is my passion.

Other interests have had their place.

Sailing. I spent a month cruising down the California coast in 2011 on a 30' sailboat, placing first in our division in the Baja Haha.

Flying. I got my private pilot license in 2013.

Advantage gambling. I played poker professionally for many years. The mathematical and statistical side of the game pulled me in. Using incomplete information to analyze and deduce the play with the highest expected value was a challenge I cherished.

Crossfit, chess, running, competitive eSports, biking, reading... I have an ongoing flirtation with these and more hobbies from time to time.

But coding has been my one true love that has stuck with me through it all.