Ezmonic (ezmonic.com) is a breakthrough in the technological tooling of advanced numeromemorology, building on the mnemonic Major System.

What makes Ezmonic unique?

In the cut-throat arena of mnemonic Major System tooling, why do we need another tool? What does Ezmonic provide that other software doesn't?

Ezmonic is guaranteed to generate the Major System mnemonic with the fewest words!

Fewer words == easier to remember.

We use advanced dynamic programming techniques to search for every possible combination of English words across every possible way of dividing your number into a mnemonic phrase.

The app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How does it work?

Humans are really bad at remembering numbers

But we are really good at remembering stories.

We can trick our brains into remembering big numbers by breaking down the numbers into words and then using those words to create a story.

The secret is having a system of converting sounds into digits of a number, and it's surprisingly simple!

Here's a quick example.

Every time you hear the "T" sound, think the number "1". This is easy to remember because a "1" kind of looks like a "T".

When you hear the "N" sound, think 2. Remember it because an "n" has 2 vertical strokes.

When you hear the "M" sound, think 3. An "m" has 3 vertical strokes.

"MUTANT" - What number does that represent?

The "M" is a 3. The "U" is ignored. The "T" is a 1. Then ignore the "A". Then 2 and 1 for the next "N" and "T".

"MUTANT" can be translated to 3, 1, 2, 1.

You just turned the task of remembering 4 arbitrary imaginary things, numbers, into remembering a single concrete visual thing, a "mutant"!

Not impressed? That's only 4 numbers. That's a relatively simple challenge.

Let's try something a little more difficult. How about the mathematical constant Pi to 11 digits?



Close your eyes and see if you can remember that.

Not too easy, right?

Now try this...

A "METEOR" fell and killed my favorite "TULIP", then an "ANGEL" sent me an "EMAIL" letting me know the tulip was safely in heaven.


Close your eyes and see if you can remember that story.

I bet you had the gist of it down after reading that story just a single time, without even trying!

The keywords in that story can be converted back into the digits of Pi. We just need to finish defining our translations of numbers to sounds.

Here's the full table.

Number Sound Example
0 S, Z, soft C Ace or Zoo
1 T, D Tea or Odd
2 N Nay or Knee
3 M Mow or Aim
4 R Row or Ear
5 L Lay or Eeel
6 J, SH, soft G Joy, Edge, or Ash
7 K, NG Key, Quay, or Hang
8 F, V Foe or Halve
9 B, P Bay or Ape

Now try to convert that story above back into the 11 digits of Pi.

A METEOR (314) fell and killed my favorite TULIP (159), then an ANGEL (265*) sent me an EMAIL (35) letting me know the tulip was safely in heaven.

*Note: remember that it's the sounds that matter, not the letters. So even though "ANGEL" has an "NG" in it, and "NG" in the table is shown next to "7", that the "NG" in "ANGEL" is treated as an "N" sound and a "soft G" sound; not as a hard "ING" or "ANG".

That's all there is too it.

If you need help remembering the table, here's a little trick. You probably already remember 1, 2, and 3 from above. The "1" looks like a "T", the "2" is "N" because "n" has 2 down strokes, and the "3" is "M" because "m" has 3 down strokes.

Well here's some helpful tips for remembering the rest.

"4" is "R" because the word "Four" ends in "r".

"5" is "L" because when you hold out your left hand with all 5 fingers extended, your forefinger and thumb make an "L" shape.

"6" is "J" or "soft g" because it kind of looks like a mirrored "J" or an upside-down and mirrored "g".

"7" is "K" because it kind of looks like a mirrored "K" with the vertical line removed.

"8" is "F" because the cursive lower-case "f" kind of looks like an "8".

And "9" is "P" because it looks like a mirrored "9".

I know some of those mnemonic's may seem a bit contrived. But ignore that. Sometimes the more contrived something is, the easier it is to remember!

Now go out there and start memorizing stuff. No need to ever again dig through your wallet for your credit card to make an online purchase!