How to host a blog on a custom domain

Per the website, there are two ways to set the DNS for your custom domain so that it works with a hosted blog.

The first way they suggest is using a CNAME record to point a subdomain to

Record Name Target
CNAME blog <yourblogname>

The above would redirect blog.<yourblogname>.com to <yourblogname>

But what if you want your root domain to point to your hosted blog, you'll have to do the following:

Record Name Target
CNAME @ <yourblogname>

(In DNS, the @ sign represents your root domain.)

The problem is, most DNS providers DON'T allow a CNAME record to point to root (@). Instead, they require the root to point to an IP address.

Cloudflare is one DNS provider that DOES allow a CNAME root.

Record Name Target
CNAME @ <yourblogname>
CNAME www @

Now both <yourblogname>.com and www.<yourblogname>.com will work.

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